Restorative Therapy: Navigating Through Trauma and Anxiety

Cultivating Serenity and Strength in Troubled Times

My name is Ruthi Forer, and I take a bottom-up approach to healing.

Over the past eight years, I have helped my clients connect with their bodies to release chronic tension, get unstuck, and feel better in their bodies. We do this by focusing on our body feelings and sensations. This is strong, transformative work.

Comprehensive Healing Techniques for Stress and Trauma Relief

I have intensive trauma and somatic training, a full list which can be found on here.

My approach works to ground and regulate your nervous system, blending tools such as Yoga Therapy, TRE® – Tension Releasing Exercises, meditation, mindfulness, breathwork, embodied Nonviolent Communication, and other somatic (body) approaches.


Due to the current situation in Israel, my offerings focus on helping my clients with the following: 


  • Decreasing anxiety and panic during stressful times
  • Grounding and presence in the current moment
  • Listening to and interpreting the messages from our bodies

As we work together, we learn how to release stored tension, charge, and trauma in your body by rewiring your system in minimizing your triggers and reactions.

These are the ways I can support you:

Private Session - 90 Minutes

Online / In Person (TLV/Jlem)

550 ₪

Experience a comprehensive 90-minute session designed to deeply explore and address your individual needs. In these extended sessions, we’ll have the opportunity to delve into more profound therapeutic techniques, allowing for a more thorough exploration of your journey towards healing and self-discovery.

Private Session - 30 Minutes

Online / In Person (TLV/Jlem)

200 ₪

These 30-minute sessions are perfect for focused, targeted therapy, ideal for busy schedules. We’ll concentrate on specific areas of concern, providing you with effective tools and strategies for managing stress, anxiety, and trauma-related challenges in your daily life.

Group Online Session

60 Minutes - 50 ₪

Join our occasional 60-minute group sessions where you’ll find support and shared experiences in a community setting. These sessions are designed to foster a sense of belonging and collective healing, offering techniques and discussions beneficial for everyone’s journey towards well-being.

Details shared via Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp

If you have any questions or want to work together, contact me via WhatApp / Call

Sending you love and light during these challenging times ❤️




I worked with Ruthi to explore past traumas… Ruthi really helped me unwind a lot of it using somatic techniques that were new to me and were very helpful for the process. I feel like I have made some very positive progress and I am very grateful for Ruthi’s guidance and professionalism, especially with some very sensitive topics.

Maya & Amir


"So we’re now a week after our final session with you and we just wanted to say (again) a huge thank you! At the beginning during our one on one sessions, you helped me learn a lot about my body and the connection with it (or lack thereof). Through the meditation, TRE exercises, breathing exercises and more, I now feel more in touch with myself. During our sessions I realized how important it was to bring my partner into the picture and have him come also to sessions to help us work on our communication skills.

With the tools we gained from you, we learned to communicate on a much better level, including being more in touch with what we’re feeling, how to be with each other even when we’re having a tough time, and all in all since our communication improved, so did our sexual and intimate life. With your help, we’re a lot more open and communicative, we have more energy and movement between us, and we can’t thank you enough for everything!"

Ricki Silber


"Before working with Ruthi, I had a tremor that was interrupting my life for about a year and a half. It was uncontrollable and made me feel weak, vulnerable, and flashback, not to mention it physically hurt my back to convulse so voilently. It would show up at any point, or when I felt slightly stressed and it would leave me feeling embarrassed and out of control. I was starting to come to terms with having the tremor for the rest of my life, or going on epilepsy medication- even though I knew it was a PTSD symptom.

Ruthi told me that the tremoring was a beautiful way the body naturally releases trauma and taught me TRE, a method that uses tremoring in an intentional and safe way. After just three TRE sessions, my spontaneous tremoring ended, and I was able to start controlling the intensity in which I got to process trauma through. My spontaneous full body tremoring localized to a very subtle one in my lips that is unnoticed by others and pain free. The full body tremoring gets to be invited in a safe way on the mat with TRE which allows me to have a relationship with whatever comes up instead of being overcome by it. I still practice TRE multiple times a week and it’s an amazing tool to have. I am so grateful to have control over my body again while still being able to process the stored trauma and release things when things come up. I might be an extreme case but everyone has something locked in their systems, and the freedom and spaciousness TRE gives is amazing. Thank you Ruthi for everything you do!"

Connect deeply with yourself

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