Sensual Fusion

Deep Dive Tantra Workshop for Couples

With Ruthi Forer

March 30, 2024 -

Florentine, TLV

Has it been a while since you’ve spent a full day alone together?

Have you attended my first level Tantra workshop and it left you wanting more?

Do you find it difficult to slow down and make time for your relationship?

Do you find yourselves having the same routine sex?

Do you find yourselves avoiding intimacy for fear it’ll lead to sex and you don’t have the tools to find something in between?

Do you feel the need to refresh your intimacy and sexuality?

Have you heard that tools from the world of Tantra can help improve your relationship and intimacy?

Do you wish to explore different forms of intimacy and touch in a safe and held space?

Are you ready to dive into a full day of connection, learning tools that you can take home with you?

After my divorce 10 years ago, understanding that sexuality could be different than what I had experienced, I dove into the world of conscious sexuality and Tantra, first having my own experiences, and then deciding to make it my profession so I could help other couples and hopefully save them time, money, and therapy. I wish to share with you the things I wish I knew back then.

I look around and from my own personal history and what I see daily in my clinic, so many people are not enjoying their sexuality with themselves and/or their partners. The passion many couples have when they first meet often dies down eventually. I see people having very scripted intimacy/sexuality, perhaps inspired by our education from Hollywood, books, and pornography. It’s not very conscious, and I don’t see many people really experiencing the sexuality they desire or tapping into deep pleasure.

Here’s where this workshop comes in, teaching you how to be more mindful in intimacy and sexuality, how to have erotic presence with yourself and each other. It’s a deep dive into Tantric exercises, learning how to slow down, pay attention to your breathing and sensations, practicing more intimate communication, noticing each other more, sinking into a different kind of intimacy, maybe one you’ve never experienced!

“When we have erotic presence, we can feel ourselves emotionally, energetically, and physically.”

When we’re present with each other, when we slow down, we begin to notice many pathways to pleasure that are available in the here and now, and we can follow them - not because we’re focused on some end goal, but because we want to enjoy the journey together!

I want to help people step away from their automaticity and connect more to the present moment, meeting themselves and each other moment to moment. What does that mean? Slowing down, paying closer attention, letting go of any goal/agenda, being exactly where you are.

“Awakening from automaticity enables us to engage more fully with life.” - Maci Daye

Having mindful sex doesn’t mean it’s slow or vanilla. It could actually be whatever you communicate and have consent for it to be, whether that be rough, kink, BDSM, etc. But there’s a lot more communication, slowing down, listening, and boundaries. It’s curious and allowing. When we have erotic presence, we can feel ourselves emotionally, energetically, and physically.


In this space, we’ll explore:

❤️ Different Forms of Touch

❤️ Boundary Work - Wheel of Consent & Desires/Fantasies

❤️ The Art of Slowing Down

❤️ Active Listening

❤️ Intimate Communication and Different Languages of Love

❤️ Exploration of Human Vibration

❤️ Connection to Sensations / Emotions

❤️ Tools from the world of Tantra and Conscious Sexuality to take home with you


For Couples

✨ Couples who’ve been to my Tantra Beginners Workshop or another Tantra workshop and desire to take it deeper.

✨ Couples who are ready for a deep dive.

✨ Couples who feel it’s important to have a facilitator who’s also a therapist hold the space for whatever potentially can come up.

✨ Couples who wish to slow down and change their sexual routine.

✨ Couples who understand sexuality is an ongoing unfolding journey.

✨ Couples who want to rekindle the spark they had when they first met.

✨ Couples who are up for a different kind of adventure.

✨ Couples who are looking for new experiences.

What to bring with me?

👉 A shared vegetarian dish (I’ll send a document to fill out to make sure we have a variety).

👉 Comfortable clothing, closed bottle of water/hot drink

👉 Socks.

👉 Notebook and pen

👉 A gift for your partner - think quality, it could be small

👉 Any important or sentimental item, stone, oil you’d like to have around.

Sensual Fusion - Deep Dive​

March 30, 2024


Couples Max



Florentine, TLV



Your Investment (Per Couple)
First 3 couples: 950₪
5 next couples: 1050₪

Next workshop date: September 6th, 2023.
Click here to sign up.

You can divide the payment into two payments via Credit Card

Cancellation policy:
Up to a week before the workshop and within 14 days of payment, you can cancel with the obligation to pay a cancellation fee of 5%. In the event of cancellation within a week of the workshop, whatever the reason, full pay is required or finding another couple to take your spot and receive credit toward the next workshop.

My name is Ruthi Forer and I'm a VERY curious person.


As a dedicated Somatic Practitioner, my commitment lies in assisting you to foster a deeper connection with your body, alleviate tension, and cultivate effective strategies for stress and trauma management. A significant part of my work involves empowering you to connect deeply with yourselves, enabling you to make clear, self-aligned decisions and navigate through your relationships.

Specializing in Sexuality, Tantra, Trauma/nervous system regulation, and Yoga Therapy, my approach is transformative and empowering. I firmly believe in the inherent healing ability within each individual and see my role as a guide in helping you unlock this intrinsic potential. The focus here is on you and how I can support your journey towards self-discovery and healing.

My Approach

My approach blends Yoga Therapy, Embodiment Yoga Principles, Sex Therapy (conversation), dynamic tools from Tantra Therapy, meditation & mindfulness, breathwork, TRE – Tension Releasing Exercises, Nonviolent Communication, Focusing, Family Constellation, Polyvagal Theory, and other somatic (body) approaches.


 I offer in-person sessions in Jerusalem, Jaffa, and Tel Aviv as well as online. I accompany people on a journey to self-healing with these techniques, not only reserved for the field of sexuality.

I take a holistic approach, believing we are an organism comprised of many parts that interact with and influence each other. I am a curious person, empowering you to access your own inner healer and find your own voice and authenticity. I believe in authentic communication and being in touch and attunement with you and your individual pace.


I work deeply, going to the root of the symptoms. I believe whatever issues you’re facing, whether they be illness, physical symptoms, relationship issues, career path, etc, are just presenting symptoms of something far deeper. I help you uncover childhood wounds, patterns, and ways of behavior that are embedded in us, learning how to create and embody real change. 


Our work together might confront you and will probably be challenging, and that’s okay! Everything is on the table to openly discuss. I believe the therapist-client relationship is an important one, a microcosmic of what you’ve got going on outside. 


There’s no quick fix in healing. It takes time. I believe in “more is less”. Our nervous systems are delicate and need time to process and integrate change. You can sign up for a 10-session process with a very specific goal, but I recommend dedicating yourself to a journey, however long that will take. Because we are working with the body, the process is generally very effective. But it very much depends on you participating in the process. 


It’s a cooperative journey, where the dedication and time that you put in will affect the outcome.

Education and Experience

  • Certified Tantra Therapist with David Cohen Zedek (Masaot Halev) – מרכז אישתר – אומנויות האהבה והתפתחות התודעה
  • Tibetan Tantra Workshop with Sanand Lev-Esh 
  • Somatic Sex Therapist with Noga Maivar and Maoz Yakov – התוכנית למיניות בגישה סומטית
  • Navigating the Nervous System – Polyvagal Theory in clinical practice with Deb Dana, LCSW
  • Family Constellation with emphasis on intimate relationships with Noga Maivar– Module I and II
  • Focusing with Noga Maivar
  • TRE® Advanced Provider – TRE for ALL, Inc. A Not-For-Profit 501 c3
  • ISTA Level 1 graduate – International School of Temple Arts
  • Neurogenic Yoga with Maria Alfaro– (TRE® + Yoga)
  • Yoga Therapist – over 2,000 hours of continued education in Yoga Therapy, Yoga for Sexual Trauma, Yoga for a Happy Back, Trauma Sensitive Yoga etc…
  • Nonviolent Communication with Michael Finkel and Yoram Mozenson
  • Meditation, breathwork, mindfulness, Buddhism
  • Facilitating workshops for 8 years and assisted at many weeklong intensive events, holding space, supporting
  • Dynamic clinic in Jaffa & Jerusalem since 2019 helping people heal from trauma through the body, helping people with a myriad of sexual and relationship issues.
  • Certified Reflexologist with Laura Norman

Questions And Answers

Tantra is a spiritual practice that originates from ancient India, which involves weaving together the physical and spiritual aspects of our lives. It encourages us to experience life fully and consciously, and in the context of relationships, it can help deepen the connection between partners.

Remember, this is a journey of exploration and discovery, and every couple’s experience with tantra will be unique. I look forward to guiding you on this transformative journey.

You’ll only be engaging and in physical touch with your partner. You’ll have the option to participate or take time out to rest. During the lunch or snack breaks, you’re welcome to talk with other participants as it suits you.

There’ll be emotional nudity; touch to genitals/erogenous zones allowed; no physical nudity.

More Testimonials




"When I first told my boyfriend to go to the tantra workshop he was nervous cause he didn't know how he will feel or what to expect. When we left the workshop we were both happy for having done this experience together. Ruty was a great facilitator, creating a safe & guided place to explore and deep in our connection as a couple. It was a great introduction to the tantra foundations and it left us with curiosity to learn more about this world."


"Ruthi's beginners workshop for couples was excellent! It was a perfect introduction to beautiful and powerful tantric practices without feeling overwhelmingly too far out of our current comfort zone. Ruthi held a safe and intimate space, allowing each couple to create their own personal bubble even within a group setting. I highly recommend this workshop for couples who have been curious about tantra but unsure of where to start, or simply for a fun bonding activity for a date night!"






"I had no idea what to expect, and the workshop brought my husband and I closer in a way we had previously never tried. I feel like the guided exercises helped our souls be more connected and we could 100% let go of our day and be present with each other. Thank you for the beautiful and caring workshop!"

Maya & Amir


"So we’re now a week after our final session with you and we just wanted to say (again) a huge thank you! At the beginning during our one on one sessions, you helped me learn a lot about my body and the connection with it (or lack thereof). Through the meditation, TRE exercises, breathing exercises and more, I now feel more in touch with myself. During our sessions I realized how important it was to bring my partner into the picture and have him come also to sessions to help us work on our communication skills. With the tools we gained from you, we learned to communicate on a much better level, including being more in touch with what we’re feeling, how to be with each other even when we’re having a tough time, and all in all since our communication improved, so did our sexual and intimate life. With your help, we’re a lot more open and communicative, we have more energy and movement between us, and we can’t thank you enough for everything!"


“When I saw Ruthi’s post about who she is and what she offers, I couldn’t reach out fast enough! My partner and I had been struggling against the fallout of my sexual traumas for years, and felt like we were fighting a losing battle that was dragging us both down - it was exhausting. Ruthi worked with us both together and individually, educating us on trauma, and working with my body to rewire the fear and pain I was experiencing with intimacy. We also strengthened our communication, learnt how to create our own space, set boundaries, and deepen our ability to connect with each other. We were on this journey with Ruthi for about a year, and I am still in awe of the huge progress we made as a couple, and as individuals. For those unsure about addressing one partner’s issues together, or if couples therapy is right for you, I assure you it is one of the best decisions we ever made. Don’t wait for something to be broken to fix it, learn how to make something stronger so it never breaks. With Ruthi you will heal from your original target, heal from things you didn’t know were sore, and learn a whole lot of tools to help you thrive. I cannot recommend her enough!”

Erez & Avital



“I worked with Ruthi to explore past traumas whose arms reach into my present relationships, personal expression, and sexual life causing me discomfort and fear. Ruthi really helped me unwind a lot of it using somatic techniques that were new to me and were very helpful for the process. I feel like I have made some very positive progress and I am very grateful for Ruthi’s guidance and professionalism, especially with some very sensitive topics.”


“I needed a safe space to explore certain blockages that I had surrounding my sexuality and feminine identity, and Ruthi provided just that. She created this space through her patience, gentleness and lucidity. She taught me tools to feel more grounded and connected to parts of myself that I didn’t know I could reach: different types of meditation, constellation, breathing and focusing techniques and much more. Even though this journey was tough at times, she was respectful of my specific needs and rhythm and is overall a fantastic listener.”




"Hey person-who's-been-watching-Ruthi-forever, You're still on the fence. I mean, everything she says resonates. You get excited when she posts. You most definitely have these issues. But you just assume they'll one day be gone when you've listened to the podcasts and read the posts and wished it away. There's nothing worth wasting your precious life on than the resistance to invest in yourself. Please stop trying to rationalize it, or persuade yourself otherwise. Work with Ruthi. She challenged me. Asked me the questions I avoided asking myself. Gave me all the space I needed to be a messy human. Held me. Supported me. Checked in on me. Laughed with me. Was a human next to me. And taught me that my body knows everything, including and most importantly, pleasure and love. Bus loads of love. I didn't leave with a good experience and some amazing quotes. I left with a practice and a skill set. I didn't get what I wanted - she gave me what I needed. I'm pivoted as a person. She gave me that permission to give myself permission. And I'm living in a van in the wild now - so I needed a lot of permission. Ruthi, you talk the talk, walk the walk, and breathe the breath. If you're debating, stop. Your life is too precious to play it softly."


"We really enjoyed our experience in your beginner Tantra workshop. So rarely do we have the time or concentration to be just with ourselves, so it was fantastic to learn tools how to focus on one another in intimate setting. It was a beautiful experience for us."




"My partner and I recently attended one of Ruthi's tantra couple's workshops and it was a truly unforgettable experience. Ruthi created a safe environment where we felt comfortable being vulnerable and honest with each other. She was an exceptional moderator, always available to answer our questions and provide guidance when needed, while also giving us the time and space to be completely focused on each other. With Ruthi's expertise, we felt like we were in good hands throughout the entire workshop and left with a renewed sense of closeness and intimacy. We highly recommend Ruthi's workshop to any couple looking to enhance their relationship. She has a gift for creating a safe and supportive space that allows for growth and exploration, and we feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from her. Thank you, Ruthi, for an amazing experience!"


"Hi Ruthi! Just wanted to say thanks for yesterday. We are two skeptical people and weren't sure how we would connect with tantra and the workshop, but we spoke after and are definitely into taking another step into the tantra/sex/related world. You helped us enter a space that we were always a little embarassed to enter but both curious about. We were both so surprised at how consent and talking before about what we do/don't want is like so simple and so revolutionary I think it was a really great jumping off point for us and I will definitely be coming to you for recommendations in the future! Thanks again for your professionalism and for introducing us (or at least scratching the surface) of this world."




"My partner and I attended Ruthi’s Couples Tantric Workshop as first timers. We have been together for 3 years and the workshop was our first time doing a workshop like this! After being together for three years, sometimes we just get used to one another and feel like there’s nothing left to discover. The workshop was so beautiful. It gave us an opportunity to connect deeply again, remember what are the little and big things we love about one another. There was a part in the workshop that we were asked to look at eachother in the eyes for a few minutes without saying anything and I can not express how much it meant to both of us to fall in love again - without words, without expectations, just us together - as we are - getting lost in eachothers eyes. We had such a meaningful time and I’m so grateful for Ruthi for holding such a safe an intimate space to create a perfect setting. We will definitely be back for more workshops in the future! I highly highly recommend !!"


“Thank you so much for the opportunity to join your tantra workshop. We really enjoyed the experience. The class was only the beginning, we had a big breakthrough since and we both feel like we reached a deeper connection since. Looking forward to the next one!”




“Thank you for the wonderful tantra workshop. I loved taking the time to connect with my partner in a way that we have never done before. The space felt safe and loving. I look forward to coming back.”


“We both really enjoyed the tantra workshop. It’s the first time we’ve done something like that- it was amazing to slow down, to be in a safe and calm environment and to really connect on a deeper level than our everyday.. looking forward to the next one ❤




"The workshop gave my husband and I a great opportunity to connect in a different way and be more mindful with eachother.It was alot of fun. Thank you, Ruthi."


I really loved the workshop, the energy and space. I think it was perfect for all beginners like me 😊 You are a great facilitator, emanate good and warm energy and I will highly recommend you and the workshop to others who would like to take their first steps in the tantra world 🙏🏻💫❤️




"This was an amazing experience for me and my husband. We just got through a very challenging time in our marriage and we were both feeling the need to connect in a deeper way and to find a way to appreciate each other in a different way and also to find a creative way to improve our intimacy. This was the perfect date night for us to do that. The space felt safe and we were challenged to step out of our comfort zone to be open to using all of our senses to connect with each other emotionally and physically in new and deeper ways. It was really amazing to learn about how to appreciate the value of slow movement, awareness of breath, awareness of your own sensations, sensitivity to both your own needs and sensations and your partner's. My husband and I will be incorporating what we learned into our life together."


“Thank you Ruthi! What a gentle and sensitive space you provided, with simple and easy suggestions for such intimate closeness. We weren’t sure at all what to expect and if we’d feel comfortable there or not as a frum couple but we absolutely did, and would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to deepen their intimate communication with their partner.”


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