Vibrating Your Way
To More Pleasure

With Ruthi Forer

How can we expand our pleasure, remove shame around it, feel deeply into our bodies and sensuality?

So many women feel so much shame around pleasure, orgasm, sensuality, and really being comfortable with their sexuality.

We also sometimes think that when it comes to our sexuality, everything should just be magical and go smoothly. Never mind that other areas of our life might be in disarray. Somehow we’re surprised that we have trouble syncing up our sexual desire and energy with our partner/s, that we have an irregular or low libido or no desire, that it’s tough for us to let go and have pleasure in our lives or experience powerful orgasms.

TRE® - Tension Releasing Exercises - is a tool that helps you return to spontaneous movement.

What does that mean?

Have you ever watched how kids move?

They're so wild, free and 'weird', because they don't give a shit, they're not yet conditioned and boxed into what they "should" be. They're not yet worried about being accepted; they're able to be authentic and unapologetically themselves.

Somewhere along the line, we lost that spontaneity. We hold ourselves, brace, keep our bellies tight, rigid...or what? I ask this of clients: if you let go and relax, what'll happen?

If this is indeed the state we’re in, no wonder so many women are disconnected from their bodies and sexuality, from their desire, struggling to have orgasms or reach a state of full pleasure. How can you have pleasure if you’re holding on?

You don't make an Orgasm happen; you allow it.
Stop trying. Let go of the goal.

TRE® helps you induce vibrations / orgasmic sensations / tremors in your body, release tension, chronic stress and pain in your body, learn how to "lose control" / let go safely, move energy / get unstuck, it helps ground you, give you moments of silence, clears your head, returns you to your delicious amazing body and its sensations…

Because every woman deserves to feel as much pleasure as she wants.

Many women believe that they "should" be able to orgasm from penetration alone. Well, only about 30% of women can experience orgasm from penetration alone, while 10-15% of women never have experienced orgasm at all. Most women need clitoral stimulation to experience orgasm. Firstly.

Secondly, context. Sex isn't context dependent, BUT PLEASURE IS. What do you need to feel safe, comfortable, secure enough to dip into, let go, release, surrender into pleasure and ecstasy?

You were born entitled to all the pleasure your body can feel. Yes!! Truly. There is no reason why you shouldn't experience pleasure. In fact, the clitoris is there for no actual reason other than for pleasure. It has no purpose or function otherwise.

Every woman deserves to feel as much pleasure as she wants.

What will you experience in the workshop?

The Tools

We will learn a variety of tools to connect more deeply with our bodies, tools which you can use on your own from the comfort of your home. Tools like Tantric meditation and breathwork, self-pleasure techniques, sacred/conscious sexuality tools, communication tools, psoas work (the muscle/organ related to fight, flight and freeze AS WELL AS your orgasms), Wheel of Consent (boundary work).​

TRE® - Tension Releasing Exercises

TRE® is an innovative series of exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma. The exercises safely activate a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating that releases muscular tension, calming down the nervous system. When this muscular shaking/vibrating mechanism is activated in a safe and controlled environment, the body is encouraged to return back to a state of balance.

NVC (Non Violent Communication)​

We will practice dialoguing together with Nonviolent Communication in learning how to navigate sexual topics and communicate more effectively and safely with your partner.​​


You will experience sisterhood, a normalization of your experience, recognizing you’re not the only woman dealing with ____ (fill in the blank).​

Why work in a group setting? ​

The Power Of The Group

The power of working in a group setting is highly beneficial. You get to have an experience of sisterhood, recognizing how similar you are to other women, receiving validation, normalizing your sexual experience.

Irvin Yalom, an existential psychotherapist argued in his book, "The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy", that the dynamic in group therapy is a microcosm of everyday life, and that addressing relationships within a therapy group could have profound therapeutic benefits outside of it.


The contact and biofeedback you receive from working in a room with other people is strong.

Practice Boundaries

You’ll get to practice boundaries in a safe setting, with various people, which you can then take home to your partner, to your life.

Cost Effective

A 1:1 private process isn’t always feasible for everyone. Maybe it feels a bit too much right now or it’s more than you can afford. This is a nice alternative.

What will you get from the workshop?​


• After a few sessions, you can practice on your own at home without any supplies (TRE is a really simple tool, deep and easy to learn).

• You will leave feeling empowered, with a deeper understanding of your body and sexuality. Knowledge is power.

Improved and more pleasurable sexuality/orgasms

• You will have a deeper understanding of and be able to resolve sexual issues you're dealing with.

• You will leave with an understanding of how to "turn off the offs and turn on the ons" for maximum sexual pleasure.

• You will be able to move energy through the body and feel more pleasurable body sensations.

• You will be able to work with energy that is stuck in your body, learning how to move it/shake it/release it.

• TRE® and the other tools we'll be learning are all essentially TANTRA - moving energy and finding more presence and mindfulness.

• You'll leave feeling more orgasmic, having more powerful and free orgasms.

Deeper connection with yourself

• You will return and reconnect to your essence, your core, your body, ground, regulation. The tools you learn will help builds connection and intimacy very quickly between you and yourself and/or your partner/s.

• You will be able to pause, slow down, feel into and understand your wants, desires and needs.

• You will leave with more confidence to be able to express your needs and desires to your partner/s.

• You will find your personal wave, your rhythm, and restore your spontaneity through movement.

Improved connection and communication with your partner

• You'll leave being able to self-regulate more (figuring out my needs and being able to attend to them) and coregulate (with another).

• You'll leave feeling more safe in your body.

• You'll leave with more confidence and ability to communicate with your partner around these sometimes challenging topics

When is it?

Every Monday for 6 weeks,
June 6 - July 11
7-10 pm

Your investment:

300₪ X 6 meetings, total: 1800₪

About Me

My name is Ruthi Forer and I'm a VERY curious person.

I love all things connected with the body, release, chronic tension, movement, getting unstuck and change, feeling better in our bodies and our lives!

I love helping people find the spontaneity in their bodies again, being able to identify feelings, sensations, and move in their healing process. It’s strong transformative work and very moving. Our bodies know, if we only gave them more of a chance!

How did I get To TRE®?

About eight years ago, with many difficult changes in my life, I began to dig deeper, something I love to do. I was really hungry for healing – from my recent divorce, my sudden loss of identity and status and social circle (literally beginning from ground zero at this point), from the pain and trauma I could feel I was lugging around that just felt so crappy. I was sick of feeling so shitty and disconnected.

I randomly came across a TRE workshop in a Yoga studio in Ranaana and was blown away. I knew I had to learn this technique. I was only thinking of my own healing; I had no idea I’d go ahead and do the training and bring it to hundreds of people!


I’m certified since 2015 and facilitate small intimate groups as well as use this technique in my clinic one-on-one.


With my own tremoring and while teaching TRE to clients, I noticed how often sexual energy was coming up, sometimes orgasmic sensations, sometimes erections and arousal, clients asking me if it was okay that they felt this (of course it is!).

My experience and education:

  • TRE® Advanced Provider – TRE for ALL, Inc. A Not-For-Profit 501 c3
  • Somatic Sex Therapist  – התוכנית למיניות בגישה סומטית
  • Certified Tantra Therapist – מרכז אישתר – אומנויות האהבה והתפתחות התודעה
  • ISTA Level 1 graduate – International School of Temple Arts
  • Neurogenic Yoga – (TRE® + Yoga)
  • Yoga Therapist – over 2,000 hours of continued education in Yoga Therapy, Yoga for Sexual Trauma, Yoga for a Happy Back, Trauma Sensitive Yoga etc…
  • Family Constellation – Module I and II
  • Focusing
  • Nonviolent Communication
  • Meditation, breathwork, mindfulness, Buddhism
  • Assisted at many weeklong intensive events, holding space, supporting
  • Dynamic clinic in Jaffa & Jerusalem since 2019 helping people heal from trauma through the body, helping people with a myriad of sexual and relationship issues.
  • Certified Reflexologist




"TRE® really helped me open up a lot, it helped me to express myself more and not be afraid to; something I struggled with for years."


"TRE® helped me to let things go, to release in a natural way; that I don’t have to work on it. I feel so much more connected to my body than I did before."




"It is what it is and it feels good. It's empowering and comforting feeling my body can do this naturally. It's tapping into something your body already knows what to do."


Just finished a 6 week course with the amazingly awesome and authentic Ruthi Forer. It was hands down the most unique experience I have ever had, a total game changer in stress reduction. Since the course started, I feel like a cobweb has been lifted from my brain, my head is more clear, and I feel more centered and calm from the inside out. I've gain birth practical and conceptual tools that have helped me both personally and professionally. I *highly* recommend this series! (6 weeks flew by)!!!

Eliana Cooper



I would whole-heartedly recommend this TRE course with Ruthi. TRE is helping me to deal with stress and anxiety. After each session I feel my nervous system has calmed down, I feel clear, focused, more resilient, more in touch with myself and others and, basically, much happier! The added bonus of learning TRE in this way is the group dynamic of bonding, time spent with lovely people and the strength this gives. I really look forward to every session.


"Ruthi ❤️ I was just planning on writing to you in a private message, I am so grateful for the workshop last night... you are so beautiful and real and the method has such a deep, gentle but strong and attentive way of working.... I truly feel like it gave me deep insight into my nervous system... thank you so much ❤️"




"The sesh yesterday was simply wonderful. Shaking and tremoring w/o any traumas and/or painful memories arising was quite a refreshing experience for me... Thanks again, love!"


"Thanks, Ruthi, it was a beautiful experience. I'm still enjoying the gift of allowing myself to rest, that I received in the workshop ❤"




"It made me feel connected to the rest of my body and in touch with myself. Helped me relieve letting go and allowing my legs to shake after orgasm like they used to when I first met my partner. TRE gives me energy and releases tension so I feel less aggravated by small things in my daily life"

When is it?

Every Monday for 6 weeks,
June 6 - July 11
7-10 pm

Your investment:

300₪ X 6 meetings, total: 1800₪

Frequently Asked Questions

TRE is a tool that not many people in this country are certified to teach.  It’s a powerful and deep tool that goes right to your core. You have a rare opportunity to learn with me. I’ve been teaching this technique since 2015, and I have a lot of experience in my clinic working with women, men and couples, sexual trauma, low libido, pain in penetration, no orgasm, fear of losing control etc.


It’s a tool that combines physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic and sexual components.  It’s a technique that doesn’t require you to make much effort; it does the work for you.  You just initiate the vibrations; your body takes over (with a lot of guidance and holding space by me). It allows you to create movement and change without having to endlessly talk about your traumas/past and get stuck in loops.


I bring a lot of loving presence and compassion to my work. I give you space to be seen, heard and share from your heart.

There will be no nudity. There will be exercises throughout the six weeks, sometimes in partners or small groups. It may include some light touch (no touch on sexual organs), but of course, nothing without spoken boundaries and consent.  You never have to do anything you dont want to do!

Definitely! You don’t need to have previous experience with any work like this. It’s a great tool for beginners to be able to start feeling into your body as well as being a great tool to deepen and expand your experience/pleasure, go deeper from where you’re at.


You can arrive just as you are, wherever you are on your journey.

I’m open to hearing from you what you can afford, and I will do my best to accommodate any monetary restrictions you may have, whether that be giving you a discount or option to pay in installments.

I don’t make promises to my clients. I won’t promise you that this course will absolutely change your life, though it definitely might! It WILL give you tools and perspective that you can take into your life and make significant changes! And of course, it’s up to you and how dedicated you are to practice, how much you’re willing to invest and commit to the process. It won’t happen out of nowhere.

Have a question? Talk to me!

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